Acadian Village Cruise

A beautiful late summer day greeted us for our trip to the Acadian Village in West Pubnico. It is a longish (2 hour) drive from Bridgewater, but well worth the effort for the dozen or so cars that joined in. Normally the Village is closed on Saturdays but they made an exception in our case and even had their cafe make up some excellent sandwiches and cookies for lunch eaten outside at their picnic tables. Most of us took the opportunity to explore the grounds, although sadly there were no guides or docents available to let us into the buildings.

A few local vintage vehicles joined us for the afternoon and a number of visitors came to admire the classic autos on display. There is talk of another visit next year.

Brindle Boston with Classic Cars

Fiat 500 - so cute!

It seemed like everyone and their dog showed up for a small but enthusiastic meet and show-off at Brindle Boston today. There were lots of really classic cars to ooh and aah over, and the barbecue was left in the capable hands of the Blockhouse Volunteer Fire Department who did a fine job of controlling the fire. Temperature and humidity were comfortably seasonal and there didn’t seem to be a lot of bugs.

Unexpectedly this fine little Fiat showed up and stole many hearts, but there were a lot more well-loved vehicles on show too.

Aaaand we’re back!

July 20th marked the first gathering of the club’s cars for the better part of two years! It was a beautiful evening, and 25 cars showed up at the Fisherman’s Memorial Hospital in Lunenburg for the entertainment of the patients and carers. Hopefully there will be more such events to come later in the summer – covid permitting, of course.

Thanks to Chris and Rod for the photos.